How can I help myself?

“Childbirth is a time when a woman’s power and strength emerge full force, but it is also a vulnerable time.”

Annemarie Van Oploo

You can help yourself by surrounding yourself with those who believe in you, who believe in your body’s ability to birth your baby and who will nurture and support you.  You can help yourself by asking questions and by working out what atmosphere you want your baby to be born into.

If you are running a marathon or swimming the channel it really helps have someone who believes you can do it, who will cheer you on when things get tough, who is at your side every step of the way, with fuel for your body to keep going and positive encouragement.  You’d be hard pushed to reach your goal if your supporters constantly share their worries over your fitness, or don’t know you should keep hydrated, or keep asking you if you’d like to ride a while in the support truck, or even encourage you to stop and accept help you don’t really want.  It is the same with birth.

Your doula is your cheeleader, your advocate, sometimes your bouncer, sometimes a loudhailer for your voice, she might carry your map or be fueler of your oxytocin, she is there to help you birth your baby yourself and on your terms.  She is your support and a key member of your back-up team.

To birth successfully your body needs high levels of oxytocin, ‘the hormone of love’.  Your doula understands not only the role of that hormone and your ‘calm and connection system’ in birthing and bonding, but she knows how to help you encourage and protect it.  Choosing a doula you connect with on an emotional level is very important for this!  Oxytocin got your baby in, you need the same to get it out…

If you choose to help yourself by hiring me as your doula I will spend time during your pregnancy getting to know you, working out how, where and with whom you feel safe, secure and happy.  When your time to birth finally comes, I can make sure your environment is exactly as you want and need it.  Things like warmth, privacy, dim lighting, calm and quiet, sometimes soothing words, sometimes supportive touch, really help your oxytocin levels and the birth process.  I can help with soothing music and with food and drink.  By choosing a doula you choose to have someone there to nourish your body and your spirit whilst you birth your baby and whilst your partner supports you.