I operate an honour scale of fees rather than a fixed fee, no woman should go without the support she wants or needs because she has little or no disposable income.

Doulas across the country charge around £500 for a full package, with fees of up to £1000 in some parts of London.  Trainee or mentored doulas charge £200 to £250 on average.

My fee reflects my experience and having me on call for only you.  When I’m on call for you I have my phone on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from 36 weeks of your pregnancy until your baby is born (even if your pregnancy lasts past 43 weeks).

I can spread the fee over a period of time and payment can be flexible to ensure anyone who wants support can have it.  If you are concerned you can’t afford a doula, please call and talk it through, there is often a compromise that works for us both.

I ask that you offer what you feel the service is worth to you.  A fee of £300 covers my expenses and goes towards training updates and keeping my resources up to date.  A fee of £500 allows me to be paid too, and allows me to continue to offer my support in the way I do.  I am happy to take DUK access fund clients if that is a service that you feel you could make use of.    If you are struggling to find the money for a doula, perhaps you, your partner or a family member have a skill or service I could buy from you in return?

I’m looking forward to talking with you, call me on 07787 547472 or email me vicki@mydoula.co