Doula Package

•  An initial meeting to see if we are right for each other, this is free and with no obligation as it is important that the relationship feels good.
•  2 antenatal visits (we can arrange more if you need them and I am happy to support you  at midwife or hospital appointments if you wish.)
•  I will be on-call for you from week 36 of your pregnancy until after your baby is born.  I will provide support if your baby is pre-term as long as other bookings and commitments allow, although it is not possible to offer you exclusive on-call, I will do my best to help.
•  Continuous support throughout birth until you and your baby are settled, no matter how long it takes.  I usually come to you long before you call your midwife or decide to go to hospital.
•  2 postnatal visits, or more if needed.
•  As much breastfeeding support as you need, for as long as you need.
•  I can arrange hire of a tens machine
•  You may borrow a birth pool (you just need to buy a liner) and use it for labour and birth or for relaxing prior to labour even if you are planning to birth in hospital.
•  an extensive library of books and DVDs including Natal Hypnotherapy CDs

Please contact me to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your needs.