Bellies and Blessings

Beautiful Woman

Belly Casting

Belly casts are a beautiful way to remember your bump and a fun way to celebrate your changing and blooming body.  Each cast is as unique as you and your baby.

Casts are happy to be left whole but the decoration and presentation ideas are endless, one woman had her cast made into a beautiful bowl!


I can’t claim credit for this amazing creation, but this amazing bowl is by (currently retired) caster Libby Kettlestring in Australia!

Belly sculptures are best done at around 36 weeks if you are planning a single cast of your belly at its fullest, but it is up to you to decide what memories of pregnancy you wish to capture, you could even have a series recording your growing baby.

Casts can be left plain or painted with an infinite variety of finishes.

I offer a Belly Casting service and a DIY kit.  Call for details and prices (starting from £25).

Blessingway leading and planning assistance

A blessingway gathers together the most important women in an your life for a ceremony and celebration to honour and prepare you as an expectant mother for your birthing journey and the transition to new parenthood.  It can be as spiritual or as spontaneous as you are, but the key is that it is focussed on nurturing you, rather than focussing on the baby as is more common with a babyshower.  It is a celebration of your power and a sharing of confidence and support for your birth and beyond.

Gifts for the mother, nurturing rituals and feasting are key elements.

Birth is a significant event in your life, yet often we lose touch with its impact as a life-changing experience.  As well as concentrating on getting physically ready to give birth it can really help to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for birthing.  A blessingway can be a big step in that preparation.

Blessingways honour your own personal belief system and are tailored to encorporate and celebrate your specific religious beliefs or your own spiritual path, even if you follow no spiritual practice at all.  A blessingway is built around you and your needs and is a ceremony specifically designed to provide a meaningful and empowering experience for a mother-to-be.

Each bead is given with a meaning and a wish for the new mother. They can be strung into a necklace and worn during labour to remind a woman of the support of her circle of women friends.

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