What can I offer?

Support for your choicesI can support you in your labour and birth, regardless of where you choose to have your baby or what your birth plans are.  That way you get consistency of support for a home birth, a labour at home before heading for a maternity unit or birth centre, a planned hospital birth or even a planned caesarean section.  I am not there to tell you how to birth your baby, I am there to help you make your plan for a perfect birth a reality!

I have extensive experience in supporting VBAC, home birth and water birth, with a huge library on birth, parenting and specific situations, as well as pools and accessories for loan.

I also offer telephone and email support, antenatal preparation (minimum of three meetings), postnatal visits (a minimum of two) and breastfeeding support.

The exact service I offer you is decided between us, depending on your wishes.  My primary role is to be your support and advocate and to help you make your birth an empowering and positive experience which sets you up well for being a new parent.  I can help you make informed decisions, support you with research if you need and advocate for you when your mind is deep into labour.

I also act as support for your partner to help them to support you effectively in whatever way works best for you as a unit.  Partners are rarely experienced in birth, and often need support and a confident ally during the emotional journey to being a new parent.  Sometimes partners don’t feel comfortable with the idea of being present at the birth, and sometimes women don’t feel it is right for them to be there.  It rarely helps if partners are there unwillingly, feeling they have no choice.  Somtimes it is not logistically possible for a partner to be at the birth.  In those situations a doula can be an invaluable alternative source of comfort.  As a responsible doula, I always support and encourage your partner in their support style rather than replacing them.

I actively encourage women to be in control of their pregnancies, as this has been shown to give the best physical and emotional experience for mum and baby.