Sleep Training

I found this a very powerful reminder why I think sleep training works, but does not teach our children the lessons we might want them to learn…
With thanks to Charlotte at the Analytical Aramadillo.

By Emma:

Dear Sleep Trainer Expert,

My Grandfather died a month ago and my Grandmother was still not sleeping very well until last week and she was crying a lot in the night. It’s really been disturbing my sleep. She had a stroke about 2 years ago and can’t walk or talk so I’m her primary carer. It’s hard work but I love her, and I know it will pass but I really needed more sleep! I was desperate!

I wanted to tell you how pleased I was to find your book “The Contented Little Baby Whisperer’s guide to Saving my Sleep”. Over the last few nights I’ve been sensible and strong. It’s been tough, but we did it!

I’ve put Gran onto a routine where I feed her at 7pm, and that’s THAT. She’s learning now that if she’s thirsty in the night, she’ll have to wait. I bathe her with the lights low and tuck her in bed with 16 blankets, said goodnight and left her to it. Let me tell you she didn’t half complain on that first night! She cried and cried but I wasn’t going to let her manipulate me. Just because she’s slept next to Grandpa for the last 45 years! She has to learn to be independent from other people, I realise that now.

I found that going in every few minutes and not giving her eye contact eventually meant she got the message. She was sick at one point which was a shock. I didn’t know old people could manipulate like that! Anyway, I cleaned her up and just ignored it so she won’t be trying that again.

She seems very happy today. Well, she’s quiet anyway. Not hassling me at all! Bonus.

I can’t wait to tell all my friends about your amazing system. My friend Sally has a disabled daughter who is 10 and can’t talk or walk. I’m sure she’d find this system works brilliantly for her, too.

Love your biggest fan,