Freebirth resources

Following on from the information about your rights, here are a few places where you can get more information or support for freebirth.

Laura Shanley’s Unassisted Childbirth Site is a great source of information and direction.  Laura’s book Unassisted Childbirth, with a foreword by Michel Odent is also a very good read, as are Silent Knife and Open Season by Lois J Estner and Nancy Wainer Cohen, and Immaculate Deception by Suzanne Arms, Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering which is written by freebirthing GP Sarah Buckley and anything by Michel Odent or Ina May Gaskin.  Although the last two do not cover freebirth itself, both talk extensively about the value of undisturbed birthing, how to achieve it and the problems which can be caused by disruption of the birthspace.

There is a Yahoo Group for freebirth information and chat here –

There is a UK Specific Facebook Group – United Kingdom Freebirth/Unassisted Childbirth Group – for freebirthing mums and their supporters, which requires moderator approval, so please message with an introduction and request to join.

There are also some sites which are more US based, but good sources of general information and support, especially for those who are wanting to know more but who are not yet at the stage of actively planning a freebirth.

If you would like to read about my decision to birth my own baby unassisted, please have a look here, or at my birth story in AIMS Journal 25(4), available from AIMS.