Pregnant Soldier

Today the news was of a female soldier who gave birth in a military field hospital in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  Of course, the news ranged from, “Thank goodness she is OK,” to, “How could she birth there,” to, “How did she not know she was pregnant”.  It seems everyone has an opinion, so I thought I’d share mine…

I think that insisting on pregnancy tests for deployed troops might be viewed as an infringement of human rights, but then the number of fitness tests already expected before you head for frontline duty is extensive, pregnancy should probably be one of them if you are to be passed as fit to fight…

Stress and heavy exercise, would that not affect your cycle? It does mine… Tight abdominal muscles, constant butterflies? Easy to dismiss as part of the job if you are a soldier in a war zone I expect!

Baby at “high risk” because she had no antenatal care and gave birth in an area of tension? That was the bit that left me open mouthed, what is the norm for women birthing in Helmand? How relaxed and fear-free is your average UK maternity unit?

I say congratulations on your beautiful little boy, super solider mama, and I don’t care a hoot if you didn’t know or if you hid it for your duty. I am honoured that you put your service before any stuff you were feeling in your body, reason known or not.