Mind Your Language

Language is so important, and those working to support others might be wise to remember.
Sadly so much of the fear of birth, currently being dubbed ‘birth-wars’, spirals round the whole ‘which expert is the best expert’ question. As a result of the ‘which professional, which place?’ debate amongst professionals the woman has become a bystander in birth. She might want support, she might need skills, but she does not need an expert taking control of her birth and passively (or sometimes actively) encouraging her to tune into them and not herself. Birth would be much easier and safer for all if the experts stopped the expert-wars and became skilled facilitators of instinctive processes, with the knowledge and skills to help if needed and the wisdom to stand back and blend with the wallpaper when not.
It always strikes me as odd that there is such a debate about where and how to birth, with the professionals assuming control and responsibility yet leaving the woman to live with the consequences, whatever they might be.