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Vicki and Andy

Lauren was three months old on Saturday!  We’d like to thank you again for all your support.  Lauren, as I suspected she might be, is a rather sensitive soul and I am very pleased that she was able to experience a peaceful, intervention free birth. With our own families so far away, your consistent emotional support in the later stages of the pregnancy and birth were invaluable. Other women thought I was so brave giving birth at home with no pain relief, and were surprised to hear that I hadn’t needed it, but it’s true. Lauren was born just the way we wanted, and Andy was able to be there throughout her birth and first day.

Thank you too for the guidance you gave on breastfeeding. Lauren now feeds very well and is over double her birth weight! She generally sleeps five to six hours at night, but slept right through from 9.45-5.45 this morning! She is very sensitive to our moods I think. She is not being ‘sleep trained’ and will generally fall asleep at roughly the same time (8.30-9.00) every evening without me making her. We have a routine of bath, book and feed, and that usually works. If not, that means she’s upset or uncomfortable in some way, not that she’s refusing to follow a plan.

One day, when Lauren is expecting her first baby, I will certainly recommend her having a doula of her own – and a home water birth!

Ann, mother of two

Vicki was my doula for my second birth, which was a VBAC. I was confident in her abilities due to her extensive experience and the manner in which she adapted and responded to my specific expectations and hopes. Without a doubt, I would have had a very different birth experience without Vicki’s support. Her antenatal and postnatal meetings were always a great source of information and I felt well supported throughout my pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to any mother who is thinking about having a doula at their birth or in their ante/postnatal time.

Mum of two

I can’t thank Vicki enough for being there for me, she made my birth possible.  Without her I would have been steered into another cascade of intervention, or as she called it another ‘ordinary bad birth’.  Instead I got the most amazing birth, I managed to breastfeed this time and I feel on top of the world.  I couldn’t have given my little boy a better start in life!

Kate D

At the moment I couldn’t be happier with the feeding.  Now my pain level is only sometimes a 1 which can normally be corrected to a 0 if I take her off and reposition her!  So different from the 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 before!
I am so happy at moment as I just love the closeness.
Thank you again for everything.  I think you saved us on the day you came out to see us.  xx

Laura S

I completely believe that if it was not for all Vicki’s fantastic support I would never have had the best birth experience I have ever had.


Louise A

I thought a doula would be all about ‘natural birth’ but Vicki was all about me making my own choices.  I can’t thank her enough for showing me that I had options, and for helping me to find the one that was right for me.  If you want to be in control of your birth hire a doula – it makes all the difference.


My hubby was really scared at my first birth. He didn’t know what to do to help, he didn’t know what to say to make things better, so he ended up feeling like a spare part and I ended up feeling like he didn’t help much.  I hired Vicki to support me because I was scared he’d be even worse second time round because he knew how hard birth is.  What actually happened was that Vicki helped J to support me, she helped him do more of the right things, she helped him stay calm and involved.  She was there to help both of us.  J and I are closer as a result of having someone else there  to support us.  Much better than having the midwife dashing in and out, leaving us on our own a lot.  She helped J feel confident in supporting me and helped him feel confident that what was happening was normal and OK so he didn’t panic every time the midwife had to go and look after her other woman.  I had a much easier birth and even though the labour had the same pattern as first time, this time I was able to be mobile, to work with my contractions and I avoided the dreaded forceps, tearing and long exhausted hospital stay.

 Proud mummy of a pair

When you find out you are having more than one baby it is a Big Fat Shock.  I was very poorly and I ended up with preeclampsia and an emergency early delivery.  Vicki was great, she helped me get skin to skin, she helped me with breastfeeding, even though my babies were small and early.  Everyone kept telling me that twin babies were going to be hard to feed and that early babies can’t do it, but now I know that with the right support they can.  We were out of SCBU in record time for early twins and I think that the breastmilk made a big difference.  I’m so glad I asked for help.


During my pregnancy I found out I was strep b positive. I was absolutely devastated because the midwife told me it would no longer be possiable to have a home birth. I was so concerned about going to the hospital to have my baby. I knew in my heart I should have my baby at home where I was comfortable. I called Vicki for advice. She was very helpful and supportive. She gave me options to still have my home birth using holistic method, which is just what I needed. I explained to my husband that I wanted to go ahead with a home birth, he was not on board. He was scared and influenced me to have hospital birth against my better judgement. My hospital birth was horrible. I had an extreme amount of medical intervention that I did not consent to, all of which was completely unnecessary. In hind sight I wish I had taken Vicki’s advice. I intend on coming to her for my next pregnancy.

Fi G

I have to say in all honesty that Vicki didn’t do much at all at my birth.  So, it sounds weird to say that I could not have done it without her.  She came to me when I needed her, she was calm, she nurtured me, she pottered about some but mostly she just sat quietly with me, bringing a feeling of safety and confidence that I needed.  She didn’t have to shuffle about doing paperwork, she didn’t have to dash off to anyone else or change shift, she was there just for me and my baby, and I can’t really explain how having someone there just for you makes so much difference!
She knew when I needed a drink or a wee, she knew when I wanted comfort and when I wanted to be left alone.  She kept everything so calm I was surprised to find I was pushing.  Last time I’d been screaming for drugs from about 5cm!  Funny, she and the midwife weren’t surprised at all and my baby popped out in a few pushes, into her daddy’s waiting hands!  You don’t get more perfect than that.

Sarah S

Vicki is a very kind and compassionate woman. I felt that I was able to say things that I can’t share elsewhere without being judged or feeling like I was being reckless. She totally heard and understood. Having a chat with Vicki helped me when I wobbled about moving and brthing and airing my concerns was great, I was able to freely voice any concerns and get food for thought in return! I would hire her in a shot.


It was like having a doula to doula your doula! Vicki was very helpful, informative and supportive to my doula when I think she was having a little bit of a wobble in supporting me in my birth choices. When her fear started coming up, Vicki’s support helped her to regain her trust in the empowered and informed birthing woman (ie. me!), as well as the intuitive body knowing of all birthing women


Vicki, you so helped me Rock this birth. It was everything you said it could and would be. Special thanks to you my love! 🙂


Thank you for giving me the faith to believe in myself and to stand up for my intuition, even when others around me are damning me. You are ALWAYS there for me. Thank you for listening to me and not judging me – I really wish you lived closer because I’d love to share this baby’s birth day with you. You might not be my doula in person but you are everything I need from afar.