Laura’s Planned Caesarean

My Story – same surgery, different support

When I found out I was expecting baby number four I was as excited as ever.  I already knew Vicki, but had no idea what she really did, I knew she was ‘into birth’ but I’d never heard of a doula, so straight away asked her all about it.  My three previous births had all been c-sections and Vicki sat with me and explained all about her role as a doula, offering women support for their own birth choices.

I really wanted a natural birth with number four and she was so supportive.  She attended my consultant appointments and was always there when I had a moan or two!  As my pregnancy went on more issues cropped up and in the end I agreed to another c-section.  Vicki was very supportive and helped me write up a birth plan and talk to the head midwife, which resulted in me having the best c-section.  With the right intervention I got to hold my daughter before all the midwifery team and we got to take photos straight away.  I didn’t have students fussing around me like I had with previous births, everything was just so calm and relaxed.

I completely believe that if it was not for all Vicki’s fantastic support I would never have had the best birth experience I have ever had.