Kooking Kristopher

After three horrendous inductions that took three days apeice, I decided that this time it was going to be different, that my son (after five girls and 20 yrs of trying) as my last child HAD to have a gentle birth and I NEEDED a positive birth experience. I got researching, hours and hours of trawling the internet, chapters and chapters of books, spoke to everyone i knew who had a “birthy connection”.

Kooking KristopherMy pregnancy progressed well with no complications other than pelvic girdle pain which I had physio for, and, strangely bothered me less and less as the weeks went by. I had planned a home/hypno/water birth, ….. I got to 40 weeks ,and went “over” … the pressure was on. Midwives every other day calling to ask did I want to “go in”. HELL NO!!!!!

41 weeks 42, 43, the pressure was really mounting now! Monitoring of his heartbeat every other day, doppler scans, position scans, worst case scenarios thrown at me all the time “I KNOW THE RISKS” I wanted to shout over and over, finally at 43 weeks 6 days I went for a doppler and had a meeting with the big boss midwife who assured me that she trusted me, and that they would “back off”. After making appiontments for Monday, Wednesday and Friday the following week, I went home, secure in the knowledge, somehow that I wouldnt need them, this was Friday.

After weeks and weeks of prodromal labour and “is this finally it?” moments, I awoke with a surge at 5:45 a.m.monday 9th April. I decided to not to wake Rob at this point, I secretly thought if I kept it to myself for a while this might finally be it!!!! About an hour later our youngest woke up and, as my surges were 8 minutes apart, I told Rob, but, after taking the girls to school, I realised they had petered out a little and I just KNEW I had to go home and rest.

Surges were sporadic throughout the day so, whilst Rob did the school run I “selfswept”….. worked like a charm, 8 mins apart again, I watched some TV whilst bouncing on my birthing ball, I danced to one of the CDs Rob had made for me, I felt fantastic and couldnt keep the smile off my face – this was it! I was finally going to meet my son. I kept talking to him, reassuring him that this was all good, it felt strange but that it meant we would see eachother soon. I would give him the biggest cuddle and he would get some boobie juice lol.

He's Here and Perfect!The girls went to bed at 8 and 9 and it had become painful to stay on the ball during a surge, I had to move around, about 10 pm I felt i needed to be in water but as surges were still no more than 8 mins apart, I decided the bath was best for now. At 11 pm I sent Rob out for chinese takeaway!!!! I thought it would be hours yet, in the 20 mins he was out my surges went from 8 mins to 5mins, just after Rob got back they went to 3mins and he started to fill the birthing pool, going back and forth between the bedroom and bathroom.

I was still breathing through surges but having to concentrate on them a little more. Sometime around midnight Rob told me the pool was ready and asked did I want to get in yet. I had been feeling all of his twists and turns to position himself and at that moment felt a huge surge as Kristopher moved down the birth canal and he rotated, I said “Nope, it’s happening here.” Surges came think and fast, almost on top of each other, my water still hadn’t broken and I could feel the bag bulging.

I said to Rob “I wanna midwife here now with gas and ……….”  We both said “transistion” and we knew it wouldnt be long before we held our son for the 1st time. All this time Rob talked me through every surge, giving me positive affirmations, telling me how important we are to him and how much he loves us…….

Then my body took over, I felt like I was dreaming.  I was breathing Kristopher down lying on my side with my head on the side of the bath, holding Rob’s hand, all of a sudden I knew I had to get onto my knees and told Rob “this is it, he’s coming now.”

Lotus LoveHe jumped in behind me I said “he’ll crown this time”, as I breathed deeply he did crown, I panted as his head was born and said, “Are you ready daddy? Here he comes!!!!” Rob assured me he was and as my water broke our son slithered into his daddy’s loving arms. Rob passed him between my legs and I feel instantly in love with my boy, 20 years 44 weeks and 3 days of waiting, and here he is, the precious bundle I know I would die for, whom I trusted to choose his own birthing time and place. He still had fluid in his lungs as he was born en caul. I felt totally at peace as I helped him breathe and clear the fluid as Rob went to call the midwife “just in case.” About 15 mins later we were still in the bath, gazing intently into each other’s eyes as I birthed the placenta. My little man was born at 1:30 a.m. 10th May wieghing 10lb 5oz 22″ long, perfectly, quietly – drug free, PERFECT, just as it should be.

Sirona Gibson