Birth Stories

Here are a collection of birth stories to uplift and inspire you.  The collection is small at the moment, but it will grow and grow as women start to share the power of birthing on their terms.

I’ve started with adding my story, as published in the AIMS Journal 25(4) in 2013, along with the others from that issue.
Vicki’s Birth Story
Hannah’s Birth Story
Sarah’s Birth Story
Jo’s Birth Story

Here are a selection of those written specially for this website:
Paula’s Freebirth Story
Laura’s Planned Caesarean Birth Story
Sirona’s Planned BBA Story
Erin’s Homebirth Story (trigger warning, this story contains some examples of very poor care)

Here are some links from other women who have posted their stories elsewhere and shared with me:
Holly’s Caesarean Birth Story
Awen’s Freebirth Story

If you want to share your story, it doesn’t matter if I supported you in any way or not, please email me